Orcas-Mammal Group 2


1. The Killer whales, Orcinus Orca, belongs to all EXCEPT _______?

a.     Chordata

b.     Animalia

c.     Mammalia

d.     Chondrichthyes


2.  Although it is also known as the killer whale, the orca is actually the largest species of dolphin.

a. True

b. False


3.  The researchers observed Killer whales exhibit which behavior?

a.  Parental care

b.  Complex hunting strategy

c.  Reproductive strategy

d.  Defense strategy


4. When Orcas are in groups they are a …

a. Herd

b. Pack

c. Pod

d. Pride


5. The Orcas in the study were observed hunting…

a. Narwhals

b. Penguins

c. Sharks

d. Seals


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