peacocks-Avian Group 1

1). “LPS” injections in peacocks induced the production of what?

a. Anesthetic

b. Antibodies

c. Antifreeze

d. Anticoagulants


2). What does the presence of a greater amount of eyespots mean to a female peacock?

a. Male is healthier

b. Male is a good choice for a partner

c. Male will contribute good genes to offspring

d. All of the above


3). Concerning sexual selection in birds, which sex typically shows the most elaborate plumage and displays?

a. Males

b. Females

c. Both


4). True or False:  Males injected with “LPS” maintain a higher percent chance of obtaining a desirable mate?


5). True or False:  Elaborate displays and behavior geared towards attracting a mate is unique to peacocks?



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