V. aspis-Non-Avian Reptile Vodcast Group 3

1. The researchers found that the absence of shelter impact_________ of Vipera aspis?

a. physiological performance

b. behavior

c. stress hormone level

d. all of the above

e. b and c

2. What is the function of heliotheria?

a. Predation

b. Camouflage

c. Temperature regulation

d. Reproduction

3. Where are Vipera aspis found?

a. France

b. Africa

c. China

d. South America

e. Southern United States

f. Narnia

4. What physiological parameters were the researchers testing?

a. sleep hormones and changes in sleep patterns

b. sex hormone changes during reproduction

c. response to presence of prey

d. digestion and stress hormone levels

5. Digestion of Vipera aspis was increased with exposure to colder temperature.

a. True

b. False


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