B. plumifrons-Non-Avian Reptile Group 2



  1. What was different between the running methods of B. plumifrons and terrestrial animals? 
    1. Ankle and knee flexion missing
    2. Longer strides
    3. No difference
  2. Kinematic variation between running strides of B. plumifrons were due to:
    1. Foot length
    2. Animal size
    3. Sprint speed
  3. What adaptations have B. plumifrons developed to help them evade predators? 
    1. Strong, whip-like tails
    2. Color-changing skin
    3. Running across water
  4. B. plumifrons use their legs as a ­­­­___________ element to run across water.
    1. Spring
    2. Force
    3. Spring and force

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