Panda-Tetrapod Group 1

Set Auto play to 10 seconds

  1. Pandas reproduce at a much lower rate…
    1. When placed in captivity
    2. When faced with habitat destruction
    3. When sharing a habitat with other species
    4. Both a and b
    5. Both b and c
  2. Female pandas are “in heat” for what length of time?
    1. 2-4 weeks a year
    2. 12-14 days per year
    3. 2-4 days per year
    4. 12-14 weeks per year
  3. According to the study, pandas are at a “genetic dead end.”
    1. True
    2. False
  4. According to the study, approximately what proportion of the pandas’ ancestral habitat has been lost?
    1. 58%
    2. 63%
    3. 77%
    4. 85%
    5. 92%
  5. Which of the following was NOT given by the study as a reason for population decline?
    1. Introduction of foreign species
    2. Major expansions in ancient human civilizations
    3. Rapid development of agriculture
    4. Agricultural associated landscape events

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