When Sea Stars Attack-Echinoderm Group 2


Play with 4 second autoplay

1.     The Sea Star uses all these ways to defend themselves except?

a.     Toxins

b.     Pedicellariae

c.     Regeneration

d.     Extrude Internal Organs


2.     The Thorny Sea Star, Poraniopis inflatus, is one of the only species of sea stars to experience arm deflation, which is used for ?

a.     Reproduction

b.     Defense Mechanism

c.     Communication

d.     Locomotion


3.     The Sea Star belongs to what clade?

a.     Echinoidea

b.     Holothuroidea

c.     Asteroidea

d.     Crinoidea


4.     The body part pedicellariae on sea stars is used for defense and?

a.     Communication

b.     Capturing Food

c.     Locomotion

d.     Reproduction




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