E. fowleri-Chaetognath Group


Play with a 4 second delay

1. Chaetognaths are classified as
A) Deuterosomes
B) Protosomes
C) Undecided

2. Light organs are found in the _______ of Chaetognaths?
A) Fins
B) Tails

C) Mouths
D) Both A and B

3. What was the control group in this experiment?

A) Eukrohnia  fowleri

B) Caecosagitta macrocephala

C) Homo sapiens

D) This was a comparative study so there wasn’t a control.

4. What characterizes the bioluminescent organs of Chaetognaths?

A) Produce a rainbow color

B) Have a hexagonal packing system

C) Do not contain luciferase

D) They are the size of a grain of rice

5. What is one hypothesis for the evolutionary advantage of bioluminescence in Chaetognaths?

A) Confuse and ward off predators

B) Attract mates

C) Allow for visibility in dark places

D) There is no adaptive value


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