Honeybees-Arthropod Group 2

1) What is propolis made of?

a. Pollen and wax
b. Tree resin and wax
c. Royal jelly and tree resin
d. Pollen and Royal Jelly

2) In the experiment, bees were painted on their thorax to signify what?

a. the age of the bee.
b. the original source colony the bee came from
c. the amount of time the bee was in the nucleus colony
d. none of the above

3) Which other social insect displayed a decreased immune function in response to the presence of resin in the nest?

a. Fire Ants
b. Paper Wasps
c. Bumblebees
d. Swiss Wood Ants

(4) What did the study find was the significance of propolis for bee colonies?

a. Aide in reproduction
b. Nutrients by ingestion
c. Immune system boost
d. Bacteria prevention in the hive

5) Elevated immune-gene expression does all of the following EXCEPT:

a. impair learning ability
b. impair flight abilities
c. lower colony productivity
d.reduce life span under stressful conditions


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