M. tarigradum-Tardigrades Group

The “extreme” lifestyle of M. Tarigradum can be attributed to what:

a.) desiccation
b.) cryptobiosis
c.) DNA damage
d.) anhydrobiosis

Answer: B

The findings of the experiment done by Neumann, Reuner, Brummer and Schill showed that

a) The longer the Tardigrades stayed in an anhydrobiotic state, the more DNA damage was observed.
b) DNA damage could be a possible cause for the decline in survival of the Tardigrades after long periods of andydrobiosis.
c) Tardigrades do well in an environment saturated with alcohol
d) Both A and B
e) Both A, B and C

Answer: D

According to the Podcast, research with Tardigrades is of interest to scientists because:

a.) Research surrounding Tardigrades is being used in space to test for the sustainability of human life on other planets.
b.) Scientists think Tardigrades could possibly be extra-terrestrial.
c.) We can use the research to discover new ways for humans to survive in extreme climates and environments.
d.) Both A and B
e.) A, B and C

Answer: D


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