Whipworms-Nematode Group

1. What is the typical host of T. suis?
a. human
b. dog
c. squirrel
d. pig
e. rat

2. How are whipworms transmitted from host to host?
a. ingestion of contaminated feces
b. inhalation
c. cut on something rusty
d. bite from an infected animal

3. What was T. suis used to treat?
a. Appendicitis
b. Irritable Bowel Disease
c. Anemia
d. Diabetes Mellitus
e. Ulcerative Colitis

4. How did the patients obtain T. suis?
a. drinking water contaminated with T. suis
b. eating pig with T. suis
c. ingestion of T. suis ova
d. injection of serum containing T. suis

5. What clade is T. suis a part of?
a. Oligochaeta
b. Polychaeta
c. Nematoda
d. Priapulida
e. Loricifera


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