Nudibranch 2.0-Mollusc Group 3

1. Through what process do nudibranchs take up nematocysts?

a. Photosynthesis

b. Phagocytosis

c. Evolution

d. Metamorphosis

e. Endosymbiosis

2. What is the ultimate cause of nematocyst uptake in nudibranchs?

a. To protect themselves from predators

b. To assist in capturing prey

c. They always wanted to be jellyfish

d. To assist in movement

e. To act as camouflage in their environment

3. What kind of relationship do some nudibranchs have with zooxanthellae?

a. Commensalism: nudibranch benefits, zooxanthellae is unaffected

b. Mutualism: both benefit

c. Parasitism: nudibranch benefits, zooxanthellae is harmed.

d. Parasitism: zooxanthellae benefits, nudibranch is harmed.

e. There is no relationship

4. Nudibranchs’ ingested nematocytes are maintained in a functional state in what?

A. Cnidictyes

B. Nematospores

C. Nematobranches

D. Cnidosacs

E. Defensive Cells

5. Why do Nudibranchs change their nematocysts type?

A.Fresh vs. Marine habitat

B. Different Predators

C. Change toxin type within body

D. Camouflage

E. Fashion Trends


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