Zebra Mussels-Mollusc Group 2


For best quality, play video with 4 sec auto-delay.


1.What is the Zebra Mussels natural Predator?

a. Humans

b. Smallmouth Bass

c. Other Zebra Mussels

d. Crayfish


2.Where did the Zebra Mussel originate from?

a. The Great Lakes

b. Pacific Ocean

c. Eastern Europe

d. Amazon


3. How do Zebra Mussels evade their predators?

a. Detaching

b. Closing Shell Tighter

c. burrowing

d. Moving onto land


4. Czarnoleski et al. was about:

a. Crayfish increasing their feeding chances

b. Zebra Mussels increasing their feeding chances

c. Crayfish decreasing their feeding chances

d. Zebra Mussels decreased feeding chances


5. What do Zebra Mussels primarily eat?

a. Algae

b. Crayfish

c. insects

d. Fish eggs



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