Camouflaging Cuttlefish-Mollusc Group 1

Q1) The definition “a set of markings that creates the appearance of false edges and boundaries and hinders the detection or recognition of an object’s, or part of an object’s, true outline and shape” corresponds to which of words below?
A. warning coloration
B. disruptive pattern
C. mottled pattern
D. uniform pattern

Q2) What type of body pattern for camouflage does the cuttlefish NOT employ?
A. mottled
B. disruptive
C. uniform
D. aposematism

Q3) What clade does the cuttlefish belong to?
A. cephalopoda
B. gastropoda
C. scaphopoda
D. solenogastres

Q4) What depth of substrate did the cuttlefish prefer?
A. 4 cm
B. 1 cm
C. no depth

Q5) What type of substrate does the cuttlefish prefer?
A. natural
B. artificial
C. no preference

Answers: 1) A. Disruptive pattern 2) D. Aposematism 3) A. Cephalopoda 4) A. 4 cm 5) C. No preference


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